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Defending Your Visitation Rights in Houston, Texas

Visitation Rights
Children often suffer the most when it comes to a divorce. The emotional stress of the situation makes it incredibly difficult for them to cope. This strain can be alleviated when they are allowed to see both of their parents. Our team will seek to provide you fair visitation rights to help heal the pain of separation.

The Varieties of Visitation Orders

Visitation is a court-decreed plan that delineates the way parents will spend time with their children. There are four distinct variations of this order.

Scheduled Visitation

When the safety or well-being of the children is in question, a judge will enact this order. All visitations will occur in the presence of a court-approved adult or agency.

No Visitation

As the name implies, this option is chosen when any visitation would be physically or emotionally damaging to the children. It is used in extreme cases where no contact is the best or only option.

Protecting Your Parental Rights

At the office of Michael D. Gillespie, Attorney at Law, we will help you negotiate for the amount of quality time you can spend with your children. Get professional, compassionate legal help to bring your family back together.