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Informational Legal Advice Blog in Channelview, Texas

How Criminal Charges Impact Child Custody


No matter how amicable your divorce, it's likely to add stress to your life, especially if there are children involved in the divorce proceedings. You have to work closely with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse to ensure your kids are happy, healthy, and safe, whatever the custody arrangement. Depending on how well you and your ex-partner get along, this process can be fraught with emotion and full of snares.

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Protect Your Assets With a Prenup, No Matter Your Tax Bracket


There is a common misconception that prenuptial agreements are only for Hollywood stars, professional athletes and wealthy business owners. The reality is that these agreements are a vital tool for protecting a person's assets, no matter their tax bracket. Don't think so? Of those divorcees who did not have an agreement in place, at least 15% of them regret that they did not.

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